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Pad Submission Policy.

Products submitted to the this site will be appropriate for general audiences. It will be the responsibility of the Download Site Webmaster (DSW) to investigate complaints regarding inappropriate material. The DSW may remove links to any software deemed inappropriate for listing on the site. No appeal is possible.

By submitting your PAD file you agree that this site reserves the right to reject submission or edit any submitted data without notice.  We do not accept clones, affiliate versions, co-branded versions, online gambling software, adult content software, or co-branded versions.  Do not attempt to spam this archive by submitting same product under different names or by any other means. If we detect spam we remove all of your products from our listings.

This site requires PAD file format version 1.1 or later. PADGen versie-mailon 1.2 or later supports this format.

The following fields are required:

/ XML_DIZ_INFO / Program_Info / Program_Name
/ XML_DIZ_INFO / Program_Info / Program_Version
/ XML_DIZ_INFO / Program_Info / Program_Release_Month
/ XML_DIZ_INFO / Program_Info / Program_Release_Day
/ XML_DIZ_INFO / Program_Info / Program_Release_Year
/ XML_DIZ_INFO / Company_Info / Company_Name
/ XML_DIZ_INFO / Program_Info / Company_Website_URL
/ XML_DIZ_INFO / Program_Info / Contact_Info/Contact_Email
/ XML_DIZ_INFO / Program_Info / Program_OS_Support
/ XML_DIZ_INFO / Program_Info / File_Info / File_Size_K
/ XML_DIZ_INFO / Program_Descriptions / English / Char_Desc_2000
/ XML_DIZ_INFO / Web_Info / Download_URLS / Primary_Download_URL

The following fields are optional:

/ XML_DIZ_INFO / Web_Info / Application_URLs / Application_Order_URL
/ XML_DIZ_INFO / Program_Info / Program_Cost_Dollars
/ XML_DIZ_INFO / Web_Info / Application_URLS / Application_Screenshot_URL